ApPHP Online Medical Appointment script 2.1.1: ApPHP Medical Appointment is online doctor appointment and medical clinic site.

ApPHP Online Medical Appointment script 2.1.1

doctor specialty and/or doctor name, view doctor availability and book appointments. Administrator can view and manage the appointments. Site Visitors: - choose a specialization; - choose a doctor form the list; - clicking the date and time for an appointment; - enter personal information; - can browse through doctors profile and read information regarding their specialty. Administrator: - manage specialization; - manage doctors; - manage doctors

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Doctors Calls for a Year with Excel 4.16: Excel spreadsheet for assigning up to 5 daily calls to 25 doctors for one year.

Doctors Calls for a Year with Excel 4.16

Doctors Call Scheduler Excel spreadsheet schedules doctor`s daily calls for a full year. You simply specify the doctor`s names and the number of doctors that need to be on call each day of the week. You then proceed to assign first call, second call, etc. until sufficient calls have been assigned each day of the year. The program displays statistics regarding the number of each type call that has been assigned to each doctor so you know at a glance

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Automatic Doctors Calls with Excel 2.12: Automatically schedule up to 25 doctors to 10 daily for a year with Excel.

Automatic Doctors Calls with Excel 2.12

doctors to 10 daily calls each day for up to a year with Excel. Call preferences and qualifications are combined with doctor availability and call history each day to randomly select who is assigned to each call. Holiday and weekend calls, as well as weekday calls are evenly and fairly distributed to all of your doctors throughout the year. Up to 10 vacation (or otherwise unavailable) periods can be specified for each doctor and calls will not be

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Perfect Doctor Icons 2013.1: Perfect Doctor Icons is a fantastic set of healthcare-related icons!

Perfect Doctor Icons 2013.1

Doctor Icons, it is possible to develop professional-looking applications for hospitals, medical and health care specialists. The comprehensive set contains icons depicting various medical objects including ampoule, syringe, ointment, thermometer and many more. There are also a number of icons representing healthcare positions such as doctor, nurse, dentist, cardiologist, and patient. The readily available Perfect Doctor Icons will enhance the appearance

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WinMend System Doctor 1.6.4: Protect your system from the threats of spyware, adware, Trojans and viruses.

WinMend System Doctor 1.6.4

WinMend System Doctor is a Windows-based security application. With its innovative, intelligent detection engine, WinMend System Doctor can effectively detect and fix security vulnerabilities in the system, fix software vulnerabilities in third-party applications, and prevent the running of malicious startup programs, Trojans, BHOs, processes and system services to significantly improve system security.

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Daily Calls and Tasks for 20 Doctors 1.85: Schedule 4 daily calls and 50 daily tasks to 20 doctors for one year.

Daily Calls and Tasks for 20 Doctors 1.85

doctors for one year. Call assignments and tasks are made via drop-down menus. You can specify the doctors available for each task allowing you to associate tasks with special requirements with doctors having special qualifications. Task and call assignment statistics are gathered and displayed on the scheduling sheet to allow you to see the distribution of calls and tasks assigned to each doctor. The spreadsheet creates various calendars, schedules

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Nemo Registry Doctor 2.0: Optimize Windows registry in security, speed up the comouter quickly!

Nemo Registry Doctor 2.0

Doctor can help you clean and repair the Windows registry in order to optimize and speed up your computer. Clean Windows registry Nemo Registry Doctor can scan and clean errorrs for Windows registry. Defragment registry Nemo Registry Doctor can defragment registry and remove vacant space or registry gaps in order to save the space and improve your system performance. Back up registry Before repairing the errors, it can back up the registry automatically

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DBF Doctor 2.6: Bring your damaged dbf-file back to life with DBF Doctor

DBF Doctor 2.6

Doctor is easy to use and optimized for fast recovery. Because the software consumes minimal system resources, DBF Doctor doesn`t affect the productivity of your computer and allows you to work smoothly with other applications. The simple interface allows you to get started in seconds, without complex training. Simply select the corrupt file, open it in DBF Doctor, and you can see the contents of the file again! The program recognizes popular database

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Time Doctor for Mac OS X 2.2.16: Time management software to track and improve productivity.

Time Doctor for Mac OS X 2.2.16

Doctor is a great collaboration tool for teams, allowing you to assign tasks to team members and know if these tasks were worked on. Time Doctor is the most effective software for time tracking for employees as it has multiple ways to ensure that time tracking is accurate. Time Doctor also has several features for improving employee productivity such as: recording time spend on email, recording time on meetings and phone calls, getting staff to focus

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Time Doctor for Windows 2.2.16: Employee productivity software for time tracking and remote employee monitoring.

Time Doctor for Windows 2.2.16

Doctor is useful for individuals and companies for time management and improving productivity. Time Doctor is also the best software for monitoring a remote team. Records employee Internet use and provides a simple report of web sites visited and applications used. Also takes screenshots every 3 minutes as a way to confirm that staff are working. These features help in monitoring a virtual team with minimal effort on the part of management. Time

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